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Trying the Interior photography at Blue Chip Holiday

This opportunity came through the college advertisement of available job. The interview happened in the September and a week after i have already gone on location trying the craft.

I'm happy to being able to work with a great interior photographer Jan McGready, she knows a lot and a lot i need to learn, but my attitude is right.

The interiors consist from attention to details, and that is the thing to learn for me. The post production takes its time as well and got to be on high level as well.

The lodges below are based just outside the Barnstaple, So damn good. The other perk of the job is traveling around the county. I wish I can start working in full time very soon. But that is the perfect professional engagement for my studies.

At the moment I can work two days per week because the rest days I got to be in the college and don’t want to skip it.

I was sure I am able to take on this job as I am quite capable to work from technical side, I know my camera well and I still to learn some composition rules and interiors styling. But that all can be achieved in near future.

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