The beginning of Elmer Project with St. Luke Hospice

The first leg of Elmer parade 2019 in Plymouth.

I was excited with the new offer to join the team and be an official photographer for St. Luke’s project Elmer Parade. In a few words there will be a lot of work involved to cover all the photographic jobs and make it usable for every kind of media, like social, print and other types of advertising. This a big hit for the city and it will attract big amount of visitors and behind that there is an a very generous cause to raise funds for the hospice needs.

What I’m going to do with this project and where its begins? First things are planned to take the Elmer, famous children book character, around the town like: barbican, hoe, Dartmoor and city center. But first we are visiting one of the grates of two naïve style painter Brian Polard (@brian_polard_art). We going to visit him at his studio and some of the photography will be published in the attached gallery! Later on we continued our journey to the darmoor and Jenny Cliff in Plymstock where the actual St. Luke Hospice base is.

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