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Face painting and a story behind my mask

It's been ages since I wanted to put some paint on my face, luckily Halloween is around the corner, pushed me to book a studio and arrange a face painting.

My partner, she got a great skills and has some a hidden passion to face painting, a few years back she painted herself into Mystique from X-Men, which looked so awesome.

I must say painting took more than two hours, we had to be careful with paint where we used two black and white colours only. The main aim was to create a skull mask which she achieved it.

Funny enough, after the session i had to go home with painting still on, where people couldn't identify me. So there was a surrial effect, the judgement came from outside not inside, and thinking about it gave me some thoughts, what If every one of us got the mask, then I found a quote:

"Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story" - by Marty Rubin.

As a photographer I don't judge the sitter, but I have a workflow in a way to unhide person mask, and reveal two key components of a good business portraiture. Looking for a true self is adventure, I have learned that business portrait got to contain two options which is confidence and approachability. So dropping a mask is important for the sitter, but for me, as a photographer i wear it all the session. In the result we both have a good time and a beautiful, confident and approachable, photographs.

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