Headshot Roll Up Banner

So this has happened, i have managed to pull a roll up banner for promoting my headshot photography in Plymouth during networking events, i'm so proud about myself!

At the moment I’m photographing one monthly networking event in my town, that is Professional Investors Group or know as PIG, funny name, you can imagine their logo and you are right!

So it took around 2 weeks working with my graphic designer and a friend Mantas Gaidauskas, we know each other from studying at the Plymouth college of Arts. I have sent him a template and asked for his blessing using his skill with typography and design. You know it is better to ask a second opinion with people who know more than you it that area.

Meanwhile i have selected 6 images which represent my style, this time it was the studio portraits. As i do spend a lot of time in the studio, I have a wide portfolio shooting on white, black, grey and some other bizarre colours.

As we like to call it a fist pancake, it went really great. i have taken this banner on location and used it during the event. I was impressed, i could clearly see my banner in many images which will be shared across the network with many people.

I have asked Dan to take a picture together, I’m so grateful for using his image showing my skills to the public. Sure we had fun there too, a little photo report attached.

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