New project "Hobbies"

I recently have started working on the project were i photograph people on location doing their hobbies. With this project I will be looking into people's hobbies, they passion to spend of work time, if you know anybody who would be interested in such a photography project, please share and contact me.

I'm true believer that a good hobby last long time, it easy to start some activity and its need more motivation to continue and easier just to stop. But for some people it is more than easy, and their hobbies fuels them up every time they do something new or exciting.

Emily is a first person who agreed to participate, she plays #Ukulele, Ukulele originates from Hawaii, where it had strong cultural influence back in the 19th century. It got only 4 strings, much smaller in size compared to the guitar, and sounds differently relating to its size. Emily has it for the last 10 years, which was a present from her mother.

Emily has studied here in Plymouth and graduated from Marine Biology. She also had run a Vegan restaurant Green Gal Goods in Stonehouse recently, but with current uncertain times, she is looking for a permanent position in the professional field.

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