A publicity image

Me and Elmer

Image take by Margo R Photography

A portrait of myself with Elmer painted by Brian Polard. Well, the is a proverb a shoemaker without shoes, not in this case. I have arranged a selfie of myself with a first painted Elmer for the Elmer’s Parade Plymouth. As well, I had a chance to see how exactly this Elmer was finished and presented to the public. A few environmental portraits with Brian Polard was done at his studio in Plymouth. Amazing work and unique Two naïve style!

I probably need to say a few words, why I’m involved into this project. All story began when I was still a student, that’s half a year ago, when Emma Milford visited Plymouth College of Art. On the offer was to be a photographer and cover all the events and publicity for the 2-year project which will be seen by thousands of people across Devon, including prints and social media. I agreed, and it wasn’t a hard decision, I know, on my profesional way, at first time I will have a lot of spare time, and able to contribute fully to this project, so I joined a board.

On the other hand, if I’m able to produce a decent quality image, there are no doubts I will be able to help this project. I’m interested in continuing exploration of different style in photography and especially for this project I will concentrate on the environmental photography as well as artist’s portraits. And finally, this is all self-educating, it is more than important for to learn to give and help other and I’m really delighted that I can make it using the camera and my images will do very useful job - to help others.

Do you want to contribute to the project? You can contact Emma Milford on her email: emilford@stlukes-hospice.org.uk or 01752 964429

Facebook: ElmerPlymouth

Instagram: Elmer's Parade Plymouth

Web: http://www.stlukes-hospice.org.uk/elmer/

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