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Updates on Elmer Project In Plymouth

Well, it's getting hot in Plymouth every day, and it is not because the summer picking up and weather getting better. Elmer project is standing strong on both legs as the team behind

the project working really hard.

Me, as a part of the project, being involved with photography across the project. This time i had to photograph 40 finished Elmers. Wow, that's 40 art masterpieces, to be honest and i have no doubts you will be impressed with them. As the project launch approaching fast, there is still loads of finishing touches to do. All 40 and will populated in the city center as well as Mount Edgecombe areas for a few months. Hardly anyone will miss them.

I feel privileged to see some steps ahead the project and photographing all them for the app which will be involved into massive campaign in Plymouth. Here is a little preview of some colourful creatures which will bring a lot of love and compassion to this amazing project!

See you later!

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