Professional Personal Branding, Plymouth, UK

I'm happy to announce that I have completed my one of the few goals, finally I got a full set up for a home and as well portable studio. That was a dream, which now is accomplished, I had a couple different options for the background choice, first was X-drop quick set up backdrop system, which kind of was quick in setting up, but the way to fragile, I had doubts it will last longer, however I have tested it on shooting for the Three Sixty Mortgages Ltd re-launch party back in October. In the end I went with more sturdy setup and I hope it will last me for a long time.

Obviously I had to test all the setup, for the real shoot at my home studio, the way I would do it to anyone of my clients. I had decided to go for a bit of personal branding style and my favourite headshot in Peter Hurley Style. I was delighted with the outcome. The aim was to get confident and approachable look in each images. This is all done to show my skills and ability to get the desired result.

So this images will cover me whole my online presence, starting from Facebook, LinkedIn, mailing and publicity.

I would be happy to photograph you and your company, and to deliver you with the best personal branding portfolio with you deserve to have.

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