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Farmer Environmental session

On the last weekend of the sunny August I went to the farm to photograph an environmental portrait of Nick. Lucky with the weather, I planned to make some portrait balancing natural and flash lights.

Packed my lights, together with an assistant, lovely Ausra, we went for an hour drive to the outskirts of Oakhampton. When we got to the farm after a location scouting and tea we began to work on the composition and lighting combinations.

A first location had around 50 cows and I concentrated to show Nick’s daily surrounding, his work and something about him. He got only one employee, who helps him occasionally, so everything is run directly by Nick. He says he lives at this farm for over 40 years and now it is easier to run it comparing when you start from scratch. I wanted to show his attitude in the photos.

We had a vast variety of locations, huge fields, cows, barns, and even changed location to the second farm. We spend enough time, but we could shoot shoot and shoot, was enough for the first try. I came back with 200 images, my goal to choose one each location best images. Will send some to Nick as well. I hope he will enjoy his mini photoshoot.

In the end, I was happy with the photoshoot, ideas of the shooting were coming during the photoshoot. Next time I would like to use as many props, as I can find, something like a chair, a mug of tea, newspaper to make it more personal, more about Nick and his farm.

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